Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle
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Safari Jungle Theme Classroom Decor Bundle

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This Safari Jungle Classroom theme decor bundle has everything you need to create a beautiful, organized space in your classroom or homeschool room. This is our most popular classroom theme and it sets the stage for a year-long adventure in learning with your little explorers. 

If you’re looking for a theme or decorations that are trendy, engaging and festive, then you'll love the style of this editable kit.

This set makes it easy for you to take the Jungle Safari bulletin board phrases and Jungle Safari themed door decor ideas you've been collecting to life in your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade classroom! This theme is popular with preschool and kindergarten teachers as well as parents looking for homeschool room decor.

The 50+ editable and printable elements included in this Safari Jungle Classroom theme decor collection were carefully designed by experienced classroom teachers to help you simplify and organize your classroom and prepare to go back to school on a budget. Setup for the new school year or a classroom transformation is simple with the accents, cutouts, classroom management tools, organization resources and teaching essentials that come in this decor package.



Desk Nameplates three different versions

Multi-Use Labels use for folders, baskets, cubbies, lockers, storage containers, shelves, and more

Basket Labels three large labels that are great for larger baskets, dishpans, tubs, boxes, and more

Number Tags round number tags that can be used as student labels, library labels, etc.

Table Numbers round labels for student tables, desks, teams, etc

Supply Labels rectangular labels for student supplies, teacher supplies or teacher toolbox

Days of the Week Labels use to organize your photocopies and other prepped materials

Paper Organization Labels copy, grade and file labels to organize papers in drawers

Teacher Binder Cover multipurpose binder cover that can be used for lesson plans, grade books, RTI, running records, student communication binders, and more

Classroom Newsletter classroom newsletter template to send home updates to families



Dismissal Chart printable transportation images that help make dismissal organized

Where Are We Chart labels that take the guesswork out of visitors and school staff finding you and your students when you are not in the classroom

Birthday Chart one-page printable birthday chart that you can post on a wall in your classroom or keep in your binder for quick and easy reference

Behavior Management three positive behavior management tools: an individual incentive chart, whole class reward system, and positive notes home stationary

Job Chart job chart header and circle labels of student jobs

Daily Schedule analog and digital clocks and twelve pages of schedule cards

Pencil Signs labels for sharp and dull pencil containers

Hand Signals Poster editable poster with images of hand signals

Hall Passes (Restroom / Nurse) student restroom and clinic passes



Alphabet Cards alphabet posters including a version with picture cues

Word Wall Set word wall header, letter headers, and a template for word cards

Color Words Reference Chart color chart highlighting 9 of the most common colors

Thematic Writing Paper intermediate and primary printer-friendly writing paper

Reading Logs intermediate and primary reading log for students

Bookmarks thematic bookmarks for students



Calendar Set (Months/Dates) month, day, and number cards

School Day Tracker chart & digit cards to track the number of school days and practice place value

Clock Labels (5 minutes) increments of 5 starting at :00 and ending at :55 with word clues

Weather Chart with weather cards, temperature cards, and season cards

Days of the Week Chart days of the week and sequencing cards

Tooth Tally Chart track how many teeth your class loses during the school year

Number Charts (100 and 120) student number charts including a 100 chart and a 120 chart

Ten Frames ten frame posters representing numbers 1-20

2D Shape Posters posters identifying common 2D shapes

3D Shape Posters posters identifying common 3D shapes

Angles Posters posters identifying acute, obtuse and right angles

Computation Key Word Posters to help students identify the appropriate computation

Fraction Posters posters with shapes and the written form of 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6 and 1/8

Lines Posters posters with images of parallel, intersecting. and perpendicular lines

Number Forms Posters identifying standard form, expanded form, base ten form, and word form

Properties of Multiplication zero property, associative property, commutative property, identity property, and distributive property

Money Charts (U.S./Australian/Canada) coins and their value



Growth Mindset Posters inspirational growth mindset posters

Positive Self Talk Posters posters with examples of positive self talk

Welcome Signs and Banner welcome banner and welcome signs

Pennant Banner a variety of printable pennants to decorate the classroom



5 Google Classroom Headers to make your digital space match the rest of    your theme

5 Teacher Slides to use for meet the teacher, lessons, etc

Printable Banner hang behind you to create a cute and easy online teaching backdrop

Bulletin Board Accents to create a custom distance learning background

Printable Bulletin Board Trim to outline your online teaching backdrop


For ideas and inspiration on creating a jungle themed classroom, check out our blog post: JUNGLE THEME CLASSROOM DECORATING IDEAS

If you want ideas for bulletin board and door decor titles along with other inspirational ideas for putting together a themed classroom be sure to also check out out our blog post: How to Decorate a Classroom

The entire Clutter-Free Classroom Decor Team is excited for you to create your most organized, beautiful and welcoming classroom yet. You are going to be so proud to call it your home away from home.


  • elementary teachers (for in school or virtual teaching, distance learning or VIP Kid)
  • school librarians / media specialists
  • classroom transformations
  • homeschool rooms
  • school counselor office decor


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